I own Onlinefloraldesign.org but I do not own any of the products or services I mention here.

They are independently owned by vendors who I consider to be experts in their field and honest in their endeavours.

My daily affirmation is:

I am always honest, positive and helping others.

This site is built around this affirmation and where I might have made an error in judgement you can rest assured I will rectify it as soon as I am aware of it.

I will never recommend a product/service that I am not 100% confident in doing and would not purchase myself.  I have purchased James Earley’s programme and find him to be most helpful as well as an awesome teacher with a great deal of patience and empathy.

I am my own boss so I can’t get fired but you are welcome to give me a talking to if you think I have not delivered on my promises.

I hope you enjoy James’ course as much as I have in introducing it to you.

Lawrence B



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