Hi Lawrence here.

Profile PhotoThis is my website and it came about as a discussion at a recent dinner party.  Lots of lovely red wine, great food and excellent company.  The subject was gardening and flowers.

Eventually the subject of flower arranging came up and of course someone (no names mentioned – but I suspect it was me) said that flower arranging is over rated and easy to do!

Another bottle of wine was opened (naturally) and the hostess went off to cut flowers from her garden (at night mind you, wine can do that) and then the fun began.

Well I thought to myself we had such fun and all three ladies at the dinner were interested (as were the men I suspect) that surely this is a hobby/pastime/possible business that people would be interested in.

The enthusiasm was contagious and as an Internet Affiliate Marketer I could not resist doing some research the next day. The next day extended into several days and eventually landed up with me finding James Earley and his online Floral Design Program.

A few Key Word researches later and the flower arranging world was suddenly a very interesting and vast subject.

Seriously who doesn’t love flowers and who wouldn’t like to have more flowers in their house – if only they weren’t so expensive?

James Earley has been incredibly helpful and his course is truly wonderful.  I wish I could have had a peep at it before that dinner; I would have really surprised my friends!

I hope you enjoy the site as much as I have enjoyed researching and putting it together.

Give James’ course a go.  I know two girls who are and are loving it.


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