New Year, New Hobby

Having just experienced an amazing break over Christmas and New Year which culminated with my Daughter’s wedding on January 7th (yes it was a Tuesday) I am all too aware of the costs of day to day living.

Do Something You Love

I also had family out from South Africa to New Zealand for attend the wedding and listening to them relate how expensive things are was interesting. Of course with an exchange rate of nearly 9 to 1 even a sandwich is expensive.

Imagine then the horror when they learned what the wedding cost!  To be honest I was horrified myself but as it was my daughter, and my only daughter, what could a soppy old father do.

The wedding was truly wonderful and memorable.

What struck me was the professionalism that went into the whole event and the amount of money that is spent on people who do things that they love.

 The Money Is Good, The Work Demanding

Four areas of expertise struck me as stand out careers and none of them involved a “steady job”!

  1. The event planning. This was designed, choreographed and executed by my daughter – the bride. I have no idea how she managed to do this with no previous experience but she saved herself a small fortune. If you are talented at even planning then there are always openings for people with a flair for the dramatic, unusual, conventional and professional approach.
  2. The flowers. OMG these were to kill for.  The Church was covered in them with the highlight (for me) being the flowers at the end of each pew. I hope to get some photos up soon. Flower arranging is an awesome way to make or save money – what this site is all about so if you are looking for something extra to do, either full time or as a hobby get started sooner rather than later. In the northern hemisphere the wedding season is a few months away and you may have missed the boat this year already but next year is not that far away.
  3. Talking photos.  This is another hobby of mine and I soon realised that it is a big step up from my ranks with my new Nikon D5100 to that of the professional. The photographer was a school friend of my daughters and at 50% discount was still pricey but amazing value for money.  The photos stunning.  If photography is your thing then that too is a great hobby/career.
  4. Wedding cake. Again my daughter saved a fortune by backing someone she believes in.  Someone who has never catered to a crowd before but who does a truly amazing job. Unusually for wedding my daughter chose cup cakes as her wedding cake. Different? you betcha but it went down vey well with every one getting their own box and cake to take home.  Photos below.

What Will You be Doing in 2104

So what are your plans to get out of the rut in 2104?

To do something you love and have the money follow – as it surely will.

Unusual Choice for a Wedding Cake

Unusual Choice for a Wedding Cake

This site is all about encouraging you to take up something new and interesting – floral design or flower arranging.

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