Edible Flower Arrangements

How About These Edible Flower Arrangements

Edible Flower Arrangement in the shape of an exotic palm tree using pineapples as the trunk. The beach is made up of a variety of rich coloured tropical fruit.Edible flower arrangements are made up of fruit that is cut and displayed in such a way so as to appear like flowers or to represent a scene – such as the cool coconut tree in this image.

Dried fruit, nuts and fresh plants can also be used to make up the arrangement. You really are only limited by your imagination but as is so often the case “less is often more.”

As can be seen by the images on this page they are pretty impressive and a great alternatives to a floral design.

They can be used for almost any occasion but are generally used for celebrations such as birthdays, graduations, births etc.

Perfect even for a dinner party.  This palm tree is a perfect dessert to end a delicious barbecue.

How to Create Your Own Edible Arrangement.

The key to success is to know exactly what you are creating and to be prepared, have everything ready before you start.

A good idea is to have a sketch, or photograph of what the end product will look like.  Dimensions are important so if building a tree for example be sure to have the correct length or number of carrots or cucumbers for the trunk.

A word of advice is to start small as things like tall “trees” need support and reinforcing if they are to support a lot of fruit. It is easier to work with one carrot as a trunk than two or three balanced on top of each other.

Some arrangements are easier than others – although no less impressive as the watermelon shark here proves.An edible shark arrangement made by cutting up a watermelon in the shape of a shark's head


Wash your hands often – you are working with food.  Ensure you wash your hands regularly.


Lay everything out where it is easy to reach.  It is advisable to have a large work area where you can group materials and the fruit so that you can find everything quickly and easily.


Create your base and stand first – especially if they need to be moved to a different spot.  The framework is what will hold the fruit together so do these first and have them all ready if you are doing more than one.


Work to a system. This could be either completing layer after layer or completing all that has to be done with one type of fruit/nuts/vegetable/plants/meat.  This will probably be determined by the design.  The little Christmas tree shown here, for example, is assembled in layers from the bottom up.

Certain fruits, such as apples, go brown when cut; it is best to leave these till the very end if using or, better still, avoid, if at all possible.


Work methodically and to a predetermined plan until the end of each arrangement.


Admire your creation and with a bit of luck it is time to celebrate with a nice glass of wine – white usually goes well with fruit, I find!   🙂

A Selection Of Fruits Used in Edible Floral Arrangements

This is by no means a conclusive list.

Apples and pears.

Easy to shape, but to make sure that the peeled fruits do not turn brown for up to 24 hours, soak them in pineapple juice.

But … fresh is best I always believe.

Edible Christmas tree made up of tropical plants with additional details of the construction of the trunk using a carrotOranges, Lemons and Limes.

These are either acidic or alkaline in nature, so you won’t have to worry about the fruits turning brown.

Use the skins, peeled in long circular strips as decoration.


Very versatile and can be used whole or in any number of shapes, a cookie cutter is a great way to get flower shapes.

A pineapple adds great color to any arrangement.

Honeydew, Cantaloupe and Melon.

Another versatile group that can be cut into a variety of shapes, and adds bright colors. Great for tropical themes.

You can use a baller for these fruits to put on top of your pineapple flowers for example.

Kiwi Fruit.

Another of my favourites. They add a bright warm green (or gold) colour to an exotic or tropical arrangement. I like them cut in rings so that the delicate pattern of the seeds are exposed.


One of my personal favorites as they don’t need to be cut but can be to avoid them rolling around.  They can be put them on skewers, or toothpicks, lying loose or in bunches. With Black red or green to choose from grapes are a great option for almost any arrangement.


The color of love and passion and every other emotion too!

If in season always try and incorporate them into your theme for that extra pizzazz (is that a word?)

A favourite with kids is strawberries dipped in hot chocolate and allowed to cool.  By making your own you can save a lot of money (see link below).

There are so many occasions when you can use these edible flower arrangements as displays or as gifts. You can use these at weddings, baptisms, reunions, and anniversaries. You can also give these as gifts for birthdays, for people who are sick, as welcoming presents for your friends or neighbours just to name a few.

If you know the basics of flower arranging then why not give an edible arrangement a go?

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And finally some legal stuff.

The photographs used on this page were by kind permission of Annemieke Van Dijk and are not for general distribution.  Copying and using these images without Annemieke’s express permission is in breach of copyright.

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