Classes for Floral Design

Taking classes for floral design can teach you how to make a stunning arrangement like this beautiful green, yellow and white one

“Say it With Flowers”

Imagine spending your time surrounded by beautiful flowers that you are about to arrange into something even more beautiful – something that will brighten someone’s day; making them happier and feeling very special.

Can you think of any career, hobby, business or gift that gives greater joy?

Learning the art of floral design (flower arranging) is a wonderful skill to learn.

You end up with a skill that is practical, useful, therapeutic (relaxing).

It can provide you with a career or a business that will literally change your life.

Where and How To Learn Floral Design Techniques

There are a number of options and formats available:

  • Attending a brick and mortar school or college and physically participating in classes along with other students
  • Taking an online course in floral design
  • Learning through books
  • Taking a correspondence course

Your choice will probably be determined by:

  • Your preferred learning style
  • Your location
  • Your budget 
  • Your personal goals
  • The style and type of flower arranging you wish to learn
  • Time constraints
  • A combination of some of the above or one of the any other reasons specific to you.

Flower arrangement

Consider and Online Floral Design Course. 

By enrolling for a reputable online floral design course you will:

  • Learn both general and specific floral design skills
  • Learn by being shown and not just through reading books
  • Not have to spend a fortune in tuition fees and for materials
  • Be able to work at your own pace
  • Have the opportunity to take floral design a step further if you so wish – as a career or a business.

The Internet is awash with Online Floral Design Schools or webpages offering flower-arranging courses – having decided on an online format you are now faced with which one to choose.

Not an easy choice.

A search forclasses for floral design comes up with well over 1 million search results! That’s a lot of results to sift through and is more disheartening than it is helpful.

You could make the wrong choice if you don’t do some homework but where to start and what to look for?

What Makes One Online Course Better Than the Next?

When looking for an online course always keep in mind your goals and personal situation.

  • Check to see who runs the program. Do they have a good reputation?  Are they proficient in floral design and do they have the ability to pass that information on in a way that is easy to understand and remember – in other words are they successful at teaching what you want to learn?
  • How long have they been in the business?
  • What do their past and current students say about them? This is a very good indication of their teaching skills.
  • Do you have personal access to them for any queries that may arise? Do they reply personally and promptly?
  • Is the price they quote the final price or are there hidden costs that they will spring on you later?  There is nothing worse than expecting to pay a certain amount only to find that you need to pay more (and more) the deeper you go.  Grrrr…..
  • If it’s a FREE course is it really free or do they suck you in like we have just discussed?
  • Do they offer a “MONEY BACK GUARANTEE”? Most reputable online courses do.

Flower arrangement

Have you noticed how much easier it is if someone you trust says “use this person – he is really good and very patient”?

Saves a lot of time and trouble doesn’t it?

May I Suggest an Online Course for your consideration?

Flower Design Training From James Earley

I have recently had the pleasure of dealing with James Earley who is the owner and developer of “Floral Design Training” and online floral design school that encompasses all of the qualities mentioned in the previous paragraph.

You may find James’ course to be just what you are looking for – I hope so. He is an awesome guy and a great teacher.

You can see my full review, in which I not only tell you the good things but also the shortcomings of his course, by clicking on the link below.

Click Here to See My Independent Review of James Earley’s Flower Design Training Course.

 Flower arrangement





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