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Learn Flower Arranging In Your Own Home, In Your Own Time

Stunning flowers, the perfect vase, you’re full of inspiration and enthusiasm but …still struggling to get your arrangement to look like you imagined

It looks easy enough – but until you try making a stunning arrangements it can be difficult to appreciate the skills involved in getting it “just right”.

Now you can learn flower arranging in your own home, in your own time.

Thanks to technology you can study almost anything from the comfort of your own home, in your own time – all you need is a computer and an Internet connection. Floral arranging is no different, there are number of options available.

What To Look For in an Online Floral Design Course


  • Gain specific experience and skills in your selected genre - for example Wedding or Christmas flower arranging or an all-round floral design course?
  • Maybe you would like to become a qualified professional floral designer to start  a new career or even your own business.
  • Or you may want to build confidence in your  skills as a floral design artist, allowing you to pursue your dreams, however big or small they may be.
  • Are you looking for a new and rewarding hobby?
  • A  course that fits in with your schedule and budget.

Allow me to introduce you to James Earley a Master Florist, who has put together a really good programme – a gem in fact.

So …..

Who Is James Earley?

James is a Master Floral Designer and owner of Royal Bouquet Florist Inc. as well as the founder of the online Flower Design Training programme.

In this short video James explains how to make your Hydrangea floral arrangement last up to two weeks.

James Earley has taught at various adult education centres in the USA and over 1000 pupils have taken his online course.

James has an MBA in marketing and is a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Business Administration.

He admits that he has a “passion for gardening and flowers”  which is as strong today as when he first started out.

James attributes much of his success to his enthusiasm but says that without customers he would have no business – “I am totally focused on customer care and satisfaction” says James.

In summary:

  • James is an expert floral design instructor and consultant
  • James manages his own very successful retail florist shop and does all the flower ordering and flower processing himself
  • James is highly skilled in all forms of flower design – specialising in wedding, funeral, corporate and event flower designs
  • Acutely aware to the importance of  student/teacher relationships and customer service, James places a high value on mastering and maintaining these skills.

Combined with his MBA in marketing James has managed to change his passion into a business and lifestyle that he enjoys.  And so some 1000 odd students ago “Flower Design Training” was born – not a bad feat considering everything else he packs into his very active flower life.

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What Do You Get With Flower Design Training?

Flower Design Training is an online floral design course focused on providing professional floral design training to beginners and the do-it–yourself enthusiast.

Access to the training is only available to members and includes:

  • Over 70 videos – on all aspects related to floral design including the essential tools needed (this excludes your kitchen scissors!)
  • Training Guides for all types of flower arranging so you can concentrate on your chosen “genre”
  • Interviews with professional florists well known throughout the industry.  The equivalent of interviews with the Gordon Ramsay (sans bad language) and the like of the cooking world.
  • Tricks and tips that are only known to florists and how they can make it look so easy
  • Plus much more exclusive material
  • A responsive support section with e-mail access to James and his staff
  • A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The material in this online floral design school is presented this way so that you can work as fast, or as slow, as you choose.  The average length of membership is 3 – 4 months.

This indicates:

  1. You will find it a fun and interactive course.
  2. There are more tutorials on floral design available on the program than you might at first think.
  3. The training is comfortably intensive – lots to learn but no time limit to do so.

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Is Flower Design Training Delivering on its Promises?

Here are some of the comments of present and past students:

“Hi Mr James

Thanks for your devotion and sharing your knowledge. God bless u. The tips of using pencils is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks  again.”

From F Murthen (taken from website)

“Enjoyed every moment of the class (You have such a calming voice too.)  I shall be waiting patently for the next class, thank you again.”

from Brenda (taken from Website)

 “Absolutely love it!  Sat through several of the videos and have actually learned some stuff. I particularly liked his chiming clock going off in the background and the little captions. Great site. I’m going to watch all of it and then stun everyone with my arrangements!”

Jackie – Essex, England

This last review comes from a lady who was clearly a bit skeptical of the course to start with.  I had asked her to look at the course and give me her opinion – knowing that she would be honest! As you can see she surprised herself by watching much more than she intended and found lots to like about the videos, including the sound of James’ chiming clock!

Other points that students have enjoyed and commented on include:

  • The connected feeling of trust that they get dealing with James
  • The rate of rapid progress made
  • The detailed demonstrations of the videos and
  • Unlimited access to the site.

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Things to Be Aware of With This Floral Design Course.

There is a lot of superb information in this online floral design course to get through.

Unless you are a super quick learner and have acres of spare time, you won’t master everything about floral design in a few days.

But without any up-front fees, for less than $40.00  and with a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee” James guides you, step by step through his fabulous course.

At this point in time James does not present the tutorials in DVD format. He is aware that this would enhance your experience of his Online Floral design course and is working on producing DVDs of the program. It is really all about keeping the costs affordable.

What Is The Next Step?

Based on what is promised, what is delivered and, most importantly, customer satisfaction, I wholeheartedly recommend Flower Design Training as an online floral design school.


Click Here To Visit the Official Website of Flower Design Training


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